Hop in the Getaway Car

Travel journalist Blake Guthrie is a longtime contributor to the Sunday travel section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He has also written for USA Today, HuffPost, Trivago Magazine, and many other regional and national outlets. His primary focus is on destinations in the American South where he has lived for most of his life.

Guthrie has also resided in Park City, Utah, where he worked at an upscale ski lodge as a storeroom clerk doling out game meats and high-end wines from a storage closet in a parking garage; in New York City where he served as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art protecting paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh but mainly told patrons where the nearest restroom was located; and on the coast of Maine where he supported himself by toiling the graveyard shift on an assembly line in a video cassette factory during a time when Blockbuster stores still populated the American landscape.

No breakfast on Thanksgiving

Can a $90-a-night roadside motel outmatch a $900-a-night secluded resort? A study in contrasts (and personal tastes) 

View of the creek from the balcony of room 17 at the Stony Creek Motel

This Thanksgiving I'm reminded of a short trip

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Fight Night

Two men, one crime, and the heavyweight championship of the world 

In 2004, I wrote this cover story for Creative Loafing, Atlanta's major newsweekly at the time. The events covered in the story – centered around a crime that occurred

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