Before you throw stuff out, check it first


March 7, 2024

While doing some pre-spring cleaning today I found this blank tape with no labeling. Before I was about to chuck it, I put the tape in my old cassette deck to see if anything worthwhile was on it.

Wow! Glad I did that!

This is a board recording from an early Getaway Car gig at Eddie's Attic.
If I had to pick a year, it would be sometime between 2002-2004 due to the infancy of the songs that would eventually end up on the Getaway Car 2005 release, "Til I Reach the Light."
From the sound of the crowd, it was a fun gig, even though we opened with a ballad, which I'm sure was my dubious call.

The set lasted about 50 minutes so the sound person had to flip the 90-minute tape over to catch the last of our "big finish" — the Getaway Car version of "Pablo Picasso" by the Modern Lovers.

But what shocked me was hearing a song written around that time that I had completely forgotten about, forgotten about so hard that I thought it was a cover, so I went searching for it online, thinking it was a Jonathan Richman song (he was a big influence on me at the time), and came up with nothing.

I was going through some difficult times relationship-wise then. Song forgotten. Time of heartbreak. But it's not bitter like a bunch of songs I wrote during that period. It's hopeful and longing.

Tonight, twenty-something years later, this song without a name just became one of my personal favorites. Time to re-learn it.

Sorry, you can't hear it because it's on a single rough-sounding cassette and exists nowhere else online or in the world, but here's a “cheers” to the then-members of Getaway Car who performed the gig: Brad Zimmerman on drums, Ed Morris on bass, and Greg Bromfield on lead guitar. We're all scattered, smothered and covered now, but I feel like we could pick right back up where we left off and ballad a joint.

#grateful #reinvigorated